Magnolia Hill Shih Tzu
If you would like to email us for info on puppies or send us photos or updates of your puppy from us please email at:  Our sweet babies are homeraised with lots of love and attention. They are bred to produce the sweet, loving personalities we are known for as well as beauty and good health. They will come with a 1 year genetic health replacement guarantee.  If you have photos you would like us to post so others can see your baby please do! We know many of our families enjoy visiting us and seeing their dogs photos and looking at all the others families' photos. We are working to rebuild the website. It will take time as it had so much info.
Please be patient with us as we do. We wish to thank all the wonderful families who have our dogs and families who have come back several times over the years to add another to their family.Thank you as well to those who have brought family members and their friends to us. We appreciate your trust in us.  Thank you so much! We work hard to bring a healthy loving furry baby into your family. Our dogs have given us so much love and joy. They just seem to know when we are feeling down or sick and need a laugh or just a snuggle. They are always there when you need them. People can learn some lessons from the unconditional love of a dog, and what loyalty means.Shih Tzu are almost human in their capacity to love and understand their people. You can see that love and intelligence shining from their eyes. My Mom has dedicated her life to these special dogs and sharing the love we get from ours with others. My mom said it is a gift to be able to share our lives with our precious Shih Tzu. We agree! We are a family of Shih Tzu lovers:)  They are truly the most wonderful little dogs.
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Hello and welcome to our website! We are small in home breeders of quality Shih Tzu puppies in Pennsylvania. Our beautiful babies are raised with lots of love and attention. We have 36 years experience and would be happy to help you find your new baby.  We don't have puppies often, but they are worth waiting for.  We have many happy families who have come back for second and third  puppies and more.
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Barley is loved by Lauren
Buddy loved by Kristen
Champion Rob & Treasure daughter
Luca is owned and loved by Claudia
Below are some photos of puppies we have placed, sent to us by their new owners. We hope you enjoy seeing them. We are proud of our babies!
Max and Simon are Shih -Poms and are loved by Sue and Dave!
Nylen loves her buddy Oscar!
Bridget loves Mickey!
Rosco is loved by his family!
Olivia and Carmen are loved by Eleni!
Jenn's family loves Kenzie and Bailey
Happy 1st birthday Chase and Sofia!  Loved by the Camerons.
Nursery 2
Lisa and her gorgeous Chyna! Lisa has bought 4 puppies from us over the years and we are so happy she is pleased with them. Thank you Lisa.
Cindy bought her beautiful Stella This past spring and loves her! Thank you for the beautiful photo of Stella.

Isabel and Bailey Loved by Kokosa's
Lisa's Beautiful dogs Scarpia, George and Chyna! 
Sophie Diamond! She is owned and loved by the Diamond family.
Buddy trying to get the sock!  He is owned and loved by Alexis and Family.He is so Cute!

Teddy son of Honey and Cody

Roxy is loved by Julie and family.
Luca and Ella
Choco Chip
Samson Coal
Ollie and Gizmo
 Carmen is loved by Eleni!
Shih Tzu Puppies!!