A Non Refundable deposit will hold your choice until they are ready to go home.
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Most puppies can go home at  10 weeks of age. However , this is a toy breed and that will vary by the individual. Some Shih Tzu puppies are smaller and may need extra time before they are ready to go home. We know you are anxious to bring your new puppy home, but please trust us to decide when is the best time. We love our puppies very much and want to do the best we can for them.  

We do offer a discount to repeat customers of 100.00 off of the posted prices of full priced puppies. full priced puppies are 600.00 to 1000.00 . We also offer a discount of 50.00 to repeat buyers off of puppies priced 550.00 and less. Even though we are struggling with the economy and finding our costs to raise the puppies are skyrocketing, we try to keeo prices reasonable for most, while being able to cover our expenses. Quality isn't cheap and some puppies will be priced higher due to being exceptional. If you are only looking for cheap , this isn't the place. We strive to produce quality puppies. We have bred this breed for over 30 years. We choose parents with good temperaments, loving dispositions, health and beauty to produce quality companions for you. We have selected our breeding dogs very carefully and have worked with these bloodlines over many generations. Let us help you choose your new addition. 1 year guarantee for genetic illness on all puppies.