Past puppies in their new homes
These are pictures of puppies we have placed sent to us by their new owners. We enjoy seeing pictures of our babies and thank everyone for sharing them with us!  If you a have photos of a dog you got from us we would love to see them and post them here for everyone to enjoy.
Beautiful Dazzle is a Shichon! She is adorable and is loved by her family.
Brady and Tommy and both children of Champion Johnny. Mom to Tommy is Champion Fiona and Brady is from Hayley
Bailey and Suki are owned and loved by Nancy. Bailey was bred by us. Boh are beautiful boys.
Ollie and Gizmo are brothers that live in NJ. They are owned and loved Lisa and Joe.   They are adorable!

Stella is beautiful and is owned and loved by Cindy!  She is a daughter of Amber and Alexie.
beautiful male Shichon